Dr Siama Shumail

September 6, 2019 no comments Aamir Imtiaz

PHARMACIST (Islamabad Employee Social Security Institute)
SECRETARY PRCS (FCB) Office of the Chief Commissioner
Riphah International University played a remarkable role in my learnings, blossomed and groomed me to become a successful professional in my chosen field. I pay my real gratitude to the faculty of Riphah Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences where I was bestowed with quality education. Teachers play an important role in the lives of students, thus pay respect to your teachers to become more successful in your life. I really felt consequences of quality education at Riphah in my field work practice. I would like to urge the young pharmacists to proudly recognize their profession by exposing your knowledge and skills in health care profession. Be proud to be a pharmacist and a riphians.