Raja Saad Ejaz

September 6, 2019 no comments Aamir Imtiaz

CEO of Black Art Production
I’m a Filmmaker and an actor. I am the. I’m also the President for NAPNet (New Asian Producers Network). Currently I am producing two of my Feature films. Before when I was a student, I have directed and produced more than 40 short films and acted in more than 60 short films all with the support of Riphah University. I have graduated from Riphah University in 2017 and after that I went to South Korea to study Film producing. I joined Riphah University in 2013. I can testify that I was zero in everything before coming to Riphah. Riphah has helped me a lot in developing my skills of filmmaking. Media department of Riphah is undoubtedly the best media institute in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The main thing is that they give support to their students for production since the first semester. They give you all the equipment and ask you to shoot and learn things. All the students are provided opportunities to interact with people from mainstream industry, seminars are arranged to polish our skills. This helped me a lot in developing my personality and I give a lot of credit to Riphah for making me whatever I am today.
Program: BS (Mass Communication)