Rizwan Ahmad Chaudhry

September 6, 2019 no comments Aamir Imtiaz

DEPUTY DIRECTOR (Punjab Education Foundation)
Studying at Riphah has brought new horizons and perspectives in my life. It has upgraded my knowledge, wisdom and skills which I can utilize in my professional life. This education has paved the way for continuous success and growth in my career. The courses which I studied during MS were relevant to contemporary job environment. These courses helped me build my cognitive skills, improve my understanding of the dynamics of the market and develop the ability to keep myself updated with the latest and modern advancements. Thus, I have been able to develop new skills and abilities, and groom my personality.
My stay at Riphah has been tremendously outstanding due to committed faculty and supporting administrative staff. Particularly, experienced and highly learned faculty members have shared their experiences and knowledge which has directly provided a benefit to students. The Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences Mr. Amanullah is highly learned and experienced teacher and highly notable member of the University. He has taught us several courses and his way of teaching has been very friendly, cooperative and contributing to our knowledge. Today’s market environment and global management of the business affairs demand real insight and knowledge of the Management Sciences. To meet this end, a university needs to assemble its syllabus and courses so that it can cover all modern concepts. It should teach students how to coup up with the challenges in the business environment. Students should be motivated to enhance their learning throughout their careers. Same was provided by Riphah International University. The Faculty of Management Sciences through its teaching methodology, conducive learning environment and professionalism, aided students to inculcate new skills.
Program: MS (Management Sciences)