Mustazhar Iqbal

August 24, 2019 no comments Ikram Ullah Khan

Principal Excellence College Rawalpindi
I came to Riphah in January of 2014 with a view to learn a new subject, being an accounts and finance graduate and practitioner it was strange to take a leap towards Islamic Business. In the interview while I was asked about why I wanted to do MS in Islamic Business and Finance I remember very clearly that I replied “because I don’t know anything about this subject”, fortunately I got admitted at a 25% scholarship, Which later on from second semester onwards converted to be 100% on the basis of academic performance. And today just because of Riphah I have taught this subject at a number of Universities, Institutes and Levels.
I feel really honored to be placed on wall of fame by Riphah International University, and this happened because of the thought, education, learning, exposure and academic excellence inculcated by the teachers at Riphah. All of the people I learnt from, may Allah bless them all, were well qualified, experienced and knowledgeable but I have to name a couple of them over here who were actually a complete institute in themselves; even if there was no degree and benefit, only making me meet them is such a favor that I will keep on acknowledging it for life; I take pride being disciple of Mr. Muhammad Ayub, the reliable and scholastic name of Islamic Finance and Dr. Nazim Ali Zaman who actually enlightened me regarding an altogether different side of Islamic Finance, Leadership and Marketing.
Fellows I met at Riphah are also such a blessing that I will always keep on praising, all of them are experienced, visionary, focused and proactive with exceptional academic and professional backgrounds, I not only learnt from the faculty but from my peers also.
Timings at Riphah are really supportive for the professionals; classes usually start at 6 in the evenings on Fridays and ends at around 4 afternoons on Sundays and as a result professionals can easily manage their work routine along-with their studies. One of our fellows Mr. Muhammad Azmat used to come from Sialkot every Friday, this facilitative structure of Riphah helped him doing his degree without disturbing his family and work in Sialkot.
Staff at library is really cooperative, they can help you find out and get merely any article, book and excerpts, or at least they will put their best of efforts to help you out with long availability and openings on Sundays as well.
All three buildings in Rawalpindi and Islamabad are spacious, at excellent locations and well maintained with all of the facilities to create a conducive learning environment.
For studies, all you need is a university that is spacious, equipped with all facilities, well experienced, knowledgeable and trained faculty, excellent library access & staff and flexible timings of classes. Riphah is one of the few institutions who can offer all of these.
Whatever I am today there is lot because of Riphah, my good wishes and prayers are for my University, students, staff and faculty associated that May Allah keep it moving forward along-with adoption of modern knowledge, facilities and structure with concept of Islamic Morality.